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About Shivani's Career Pathways

Shivani Shah and her team at Shivani’s Career Pathways has been working towards building a better future for students by helping them recognise their passion and working towards it. Her firm provides state-of-the-art child counselling services from profile building to steam selection, and more!

With around 26 research tools to work from, Shivani’s career pathways offers a clear pathway for a student after recognising their skills, interests, strengths, and more. The firm also offers clarity on all questions that you might have on admissions in India and abroad. Along with this, the team members also explain the various processes and requirements involved in getting scholarships for Indian students applying for colleges abroad.


By offering different packages for parents and students to choose from, the all-inclusive package also offers both students and parents 3 career indications that would be best suited for the child, along with a detailed report

With the admission process changing constantly, the requirements from students have also seen a drastic change with a more holistic approach. For that as well, Shivani’s Career Pathways offers integrated solutions in the form of guidance on SOPs, Essays, Portfolios, and more!

It doesn’t end there! Shivani believes that every aspect of a student’s application process must be covered and due to this, she offers services for VISA as well that includes documentation, financial advice, and mock interview as well.

We provide the following services:
Need For Counselling

Career Counselling has been the need for the hour since the past many years. However, it’s importance has risen in just the last few years. With the advancement of technology, increased access to information, and rise in the number of careers, confusion is more prevalent than clarity.

However, the world still faces a great shortage of career counsellors, especially in India where career guidance or counselling is often frowned upon. Shivani wishes to change this by using her experience in the field and her knowledge to help provide a clear pathway for students towards the career of their choice.

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